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Buying a House

You'll be home before you know it.

Get clarity and guidance on the homebuying process without impacting your credit.

Wondering if you have a big enough down payment

Did you try researching the process online and ended up more frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed

Are you feeling disheartened at the price of homes and feeling powerless against interest rates? 

Have lenders required a hard credit pull to pre-approve you?

Are you worried about unexpected fees?

Hesitant to start the process because of your work history?

Worried you'll be judged because of your finances? 

The list goes on and on. We are in a market like never before, and it can seem scary. Rising home prices and interest rates have put so many "would-be" buyers on the sidelines, only to miss out on record breaking equity gains.

My goal is to help you achieve homeownership, whether it's this year or later on. 

Let's work together to make it happen, with zero financial cost or impact to your credit.

How we work together:


We talk about your homebuying dreams and basic finances.

I either recommend completing a loan application if we think you can qualify, or we map out a plan to get you there.

Complete a 

It only takes about 10 minutes to fill out your information and another 5 to upload documents.

You'll need to gather items such as 2 years of W2's and recent paystubs.

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we review your loan options

After considering loan programs from over 150 different lenders, I'll share some competitive options.

After explaining the programs in an easy to understand way, you'll feel confident in your home loan and budget.

Want to take a look at different scenarios? This is when we workshop your loan together!

get a realtor involved and start looking at homes!

If you're not working with a realtor already, I have an amazing lineup for you to choose from! 

If you're already working with someone, we'll loop them in to your ideal purchase scenario.

The realtor will update the search parameters to fit your budget.

Buying a home can be such an overwhelming, exciting and stressful time, Catalina was both professional and compassionate. She helped us navigate and streamline this process from the very first meeting to the day we closed she worked diligently and addressed all our questions and any concerns we had. We definitely attribute how smoothly everything came together because of her work ethic and how well she communicated with not only us but our amazing realtor! Thanks again Catalina!

Maria Reyno, First-Time Homebuyer

Understanding the 3 phases of the homebuying process

Click on one of the phases below to learn more! This will download an easy-to-read graphic that explains each step.

Feeling encouraged to start your homeownership journey?

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