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Helping you turn more prospects into contracts

The lender you can trust to help you save time and make more money.

Have you seen an old prospect that you forgot to follow-up with buy a home? 

Are you tired of rate-watchers and market timers stringing you along?

Do you talk to people who are scared to get pre-approved because of a credit pull?

Frustrated spending time with people that end up not qualifying

I help my agents convert these prospects to contracts every single day.

You work so hard for every lead, so let's help you make the most out of every one.

Let's talk!

Soft Pull, Hard Close

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We've all been there! People are protective of their credit, and I get it! I actually worked as a financial advisor prior to being a loan officer, so I'm exceptionally protective of peoples' credit. Let's remove this barrier & take away this resistance. 

Here's how I work: I will qualify your borrowers with a soft pull. This gives me all the data I need to pre-approve them and get them house hunting, with zero impact to their credit. Only once we are actually under contract, RPA is signed, escrow is opened, all that jazz, then, and only then, will I do a hard pull

Incentivize the Rate-Sensitive

"I'm waiting for rates to drop." We've all heard it. And agents have their script for why it's important to buy now. But here's another strategy that's been working for a few of my partners.  

I have 40 basis points to give to 3 borrowers per month to help them buy down their rate. No strings attached, no extra boxes to check, no credit score requirement. One agent is offering this as a seasonal promotion to buyers who start the pre-approval process in a specific month. One agent calls it their "premium" service for special clients.


I can offer this because I work for a mortgage broker. I have over 150 different lenders vying for my business. Competition breeds opportunity, so let's take advantage of it! 

Buying a House

A Fail-Safe Follow-Up System

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Ever heard the phrase, two heads are better than one? Well this definitely was the case for one of my agents. 

She had referred a couple to me who didn't quite qualify yet. They decided to re-sign a lease and circle back next year.

Guess who ended up circling back? Not the agent, not the borrowers... I did. I wouldn't have had this opportunity without the agent, and that's what makes us a great team.

We closed a deal that could have slipped through the cracks.

Get the Call Years Later

Some people will cross your path that are just not in the headspace to buy this year. Or maybe even next year. They're intimidated and scared of the process. How can you position yourself to be their first call when they are ready?


Provide them with a roadmap to homeownership.

Maybe they are embarrassed about their credit or their business is just getting off the ground. Whatever the case may be, let's talk about it. There's always a path forward, whether it be income goals, savings benchmarks, or debt management.


My goal is to transform them from intimidated to empowered. Before I worked in mortgages, I worked as a financial advisor. I'm here to help your clients get into a home.

House Viewing

Why C2 Financial?

With over 150 different lender partners and ranked AIME's #1 broker in the nation, you can rest assured your buyers are getting the best deal out there. ​

C2 Financial was founded on the idea that choice results in better opportunities. That’s why we’ve spent almost 30 years building the largest wholesale lender network in the nation. With C2 Financial, loan originators, and their clients, can feel confident they are getting the most competitive pricing and the best service in the market.

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